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Employee Newsletters:

Improving Morale

 and Keeping the Lines of Communication Open


When your successful business grows to the point at which employees no longer know everyone else in the business, or you have employees at multiple locations, communications within your business becomes even more crucial.  Whatever the size of your company, you want your organization to be motivated and well informed about your business, your products, and the key messages you need to convey to your customers and potential customers. 


An internal employee newsletter provides an ideal vehicle to:


Communicate your company’s goals and plans Employees who have solid information from you about upcoming plans tend to spend less time speculating about the future.  Honest, timely communication demonstrates your trust and confidence in your staff.


Recognize accomplishments of your employees.  A photo and brief story about an outstanding employee helps motivate employees and demonstrates that you care about individuals in your organization.


Showcase your company’s accomplishments Pride in their business helps motivate employees and makes it clear that they are responsible for the business’ success.


Introduce new members of the staff.  There comes a point when an organization is too large for a new employee to meet everyone personally. 

Adding a profile and picture of a new employee welcomes the new person and lets the rest of the staff know who the new face is.


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